Documentation of Cloud Study (Partner Dance) /  FRIEZE Sculpture, Regent’s Park, London, July 3 – October 6, 2019




The Unfinished Floating World, Museo Jumex, Mexico City (2020)




A Sinatra Dinner Show, 2017




Questions, Statements, Proposals, 2014




I’m Hydra-floating, I’m Hydra-floating, I’m Going, I’m Going, I’m Gone, 2016




Watching for Lovecars, 2014




Life Study, 2017




Documentation of Roman-Fleuve at VITRINE, Basel (2017) by VernissageTV




Documentation of The Clock at the Sailor’s Arms, 2018 / Acrylic, bookbinders tape, paint, card, motor and washers




Documentation of Didi and Gogo, 2019 / Cast concrete, wood, motor, steel cable, threaded steel, paper, ink and paint




Rose Dagul performing in response to Dim Lit at Assembly Point, London (April 2019)

Screenings, recordings and readings documenting a contextual presentation given at Kino, London organised as a part of